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About Cruton - What is Cruton?

Cruton is an aggregator of the hottest content around the web today.

Your Website Is The Star Of The Show

Stop driving traffic to Facebook, Reddit, and other aggregators for upvotes. You should be working to drive traffic to your own website instead. The entire goal of Cruton is to get more people and more traffic to your own website. Since Cruton uses your own website's traffic and visitor page interactions to rank your site instead of things like submissions, upvotes and downvotes, incentives for content creators are fully aligned. If you are more successful at getting more traffic to your website, you will naturally also be ranked higher on Cruton as well.

Keep Control Of Your Own Data

Cruton is powered by your own content hosted on your own website. There is no content on Cruton - only links back to websites like yours! This is very intentional. Cruton never wants to own or control your data, but we do want to reward you for doing well. This is why all rankings on Cruton are driven by traffic patterns on your own website via the Cruton.js tracker.

How Does Cruton Rank Websites?

Cruton's ranking algorithm uses a variety of factors to track and rank web pages, like age, pageviews, read percentage, boosts, and more.

No User Accounts?

User accounts are not needed to rank web pages and content, which is the core of the Cruton service. This is why Cruton was launched without them - so more focus can be put on the most important part of the service - the ranking algorithm.

Over time, user accounts will be offered as a way to claim your domains to manage them and do things like create lists of disallowed URLs for Cruton, and other settings that may be required for your use of Cruton. If you use Cruton and have a pressing concern or strong opinions on why user accounts are necessary sooner, please email Vance about it.

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