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Add Cruton To Your Site

Just add the cruton.js code below to all content or blog/news post pages of your website, and Cruton will start tracking and ranking all your pages immediately:

<script src="" id="cruton-js" defer></script>
<div id="cruton-js-badge" data-tags=""></div>

The data-tags attribute should be populated with whatever tags your blog post, article, or page has. The expected format is a comma-separated list, for example: code,javascript,react,programming.

The script tag is all you need. There are no signups or user accounts on Cruton. Seriously.

Code for a WordPress Blog

If you are using WordPress, go to Appearance > Theme Editor and select the Single Post (single.php) template.

Look for where the content is displayed: <?php the_content(); ?>, and add this code after it:

$tags = get_the_tags();
$tagList = array();
$tagString = '';
if ($tags) {
  foreach ($tags as $tag) {
    $tagList[] = $tag->name;
  $tagString = implode(',', $tagList);
<script src="" id="cruton-js" defer></script>
<div id="cruton-js-badge" data-tags="<?php echo $tagString; ?>"></div>

This code will automatically get the current tags for the current post and fill them in the data-tags attribute for you.

How Does Cruton Rank My Site?

Cruton uses a variety of factors to track and rank your content, like age, pageviews, read percentage, boosts, and more.

No User Accounts?

User accounts are not needed to rank web pages and content, which is the core of the Cruton service. This is why Cruton was launched without them - so more focus can be put on the most important part of the service - the ranking algorithm.

Over time, user accounts will be offered as a way to claim your domains to manage them and do things like create lists of disallowed URLs for Cruton, and other settings that may be required for your use of Cruton. If you use Cruton and have a pressing concern or strong opinions on why user accounts are necessary sooner, please email Vance about it.

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